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Visionary Food's NHS recipes

· Sponsors and Judges

The contributors are mainly from young emerging brands founded by entrepreneurs alongside major global brands such as Marks & Spencer. Visionary Food thought it would be a great way to support the NHS and give some entrepreneurs a really positive news story to shout about during a turbulent time for business.

They have chosen 71 recipes to recognise the 71 years of the NHS. Alongside brand founders they have the likes of Spencer Matthews (Made in Chelsea) and Camilla Ainsworth (The Apprentice) as both are brand founders (Clean Liquor and M+lk Plus respectively), along with credible industry experts like the Director of Food Product and Direction from M&S, April Preston.

Visionary Food works with young companies with commercial support, predominantly when writing market entry strategy and then implementation. So compiling a book is well out of their comfort zone especially due to the short period of time between the production stage and taking it to print. It is therefore something they, and all of the contributors, are very proud of!

The book is on sale now. Its only £10 delivered, and 100% of profits go to NHS Charities Together.

Click here to view their teaser video, produced by another entrepreneurial business that spotted the project and wanted to get involved.

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