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Our Food & Drink recommendations for No Diet Day; join us in dropping your food rules and restrictions on May 6th

This Friday is ‘No Diet Day’, and to celebrate, we're encouraging you to drop your rules and restrictions around food, and join in this no-shame, body-positive day! 

For far too long health has been associated with unrealistic body types and unhealthy, dangerous fad diets introduced to achieve those body types - which has caused an eating disorder epidemic across the world. International No Diet Day was introduced in 1992 by Mary Evans  to help men and women around the world appreciate their own bodies, and help tackle tough issues regarding diet and body awareness, focusing on a number of agendas, including;

  • Having all people take a day off from their diets, encouraging people to indulge in their favourite foods and drinks. 
  • Celebrating the diversity of different body shapes and sizes 
  • Educating people on how to diet safely and effectively 

We have compiled a list of some of the best restaurants and food and drink products to try this No Diet Day.

If you're looking for somewhere to eat out this No Diet Day, The Vurger Co. has restaurants in Manchester, London and Brighton, offering a huge range of burgers, salad bowls, sides, and milkshakes - all completely vegan. 

Passionate about creating fresh, yet indulgent fast food, that is 100% vegan, The Vurger Co produces the tastiest, most satisfying vegan fast food to feed your soul. Some say they make “the best VURGER in the world.”

You can also shop their range of sauces here, to help you create your own VURGER from home! 

If you’re looking to truly indulge, and give in to all of your cravings, there is no better day to start than No Diet Day, and no better place to do it than at Kaspas Desserts. 

Located all around the UK, Kaspas offers a mouthwatering selection of ice creams, gelatos, waffles, crepes, milkshakes, smoothies and sundaes - with beautifully decorated parlours, changing the way you view dessert. Kaspas’ mission is to create an environment where enjoying authentic desserts with family, friends and loved ones is an unforgettable experience.  

Located around the UK,  Pieminister is a unique, great-tasting Pie restaurant that is on a mission to give back. From a small shop in Bristol to a stall in London market, and now over 15 restaurant locations, Pieminister is truly on the rise - and we couldn't recommend them enough.  

As well as making delicious collections of vegetarian, and meat pies, they are also ensuring that every ingredient used meets increasingly high standards in terms of animal welfare, as well as being committed to lowering their carbon emissions across all production and restaurants. So if youre out to eat this No Diet Day, why not do so whilst helping give back to the environment. 

You can also shop their range of pies here, and experience this at home!

If you’re out and about this No Diet Day, why not get involved, by picking up a bar of Tony’s Chocolonely - available in co-ops and online. Tony’s produces chocolate in every flavour, and form and makes an impact whilst doing so. Tony’s Chocolonely is on a mission to eradicate modern-day slavery in the food production industry.

“We aim for everybody in our supply chain to be happy with our chocolate, from the farmer and his children to the consumer who buys the chocolate. We lead by example as a commercially successful company to show the world chocolate can be made differently and without the use of modern slavery or exploitation.”

So eat food that makes you and the world feel better!  You can shop the full range here.


Treat yourself, or someone else to a Craft Gin Club box this No Diet Day. Craft Gin Club is a subscription-based monthly box filled with everything you need for a gin night, including; a full-sized bottle of craft gin, tonics and garnish, cocktail ingredients, sweet and savoury treats, and a magazine to read whilst you drink! 

Craft Gin Club is the perfect way to discover the world’s best gins as part of a bigger gin-loving community, all from the comfort of your own home. No Diet Day is celebrated once a year, but why not get started and celebrate it once a month with a Craft Gin Club box! Sign up now to receive Mays’ box and celebrate No Diet Day on time. 


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