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Jamie Crummie’s Too Good to Go launches in Los Angeles 

The Food and Drink Heroes 2022, Sustainability Entrepreneur of the Year winner, Jamie Crummie, launches Too Good to Go in L.A!

The free mobile app now invites residents in LA to purchase meals and groceries for one-third of the retail price - as they try to tackle food waste on the west coast.

The app will connect its users with grocery stores, restaurants, bakeries, sushi places, ice cream parlours, cafes, and many more, so that surplus food does not get wasted.

Users can browse, reserve, and pay for a Surprise Bag on the app and then go to the store during the pick-up window to collect their purchase.

The content of each Surprise Bag purchased through the Too Good To Go app varies and users can expect to get a range of products at reduced prices.

Depending on the store chosen, the bags can contain anything from ingredients like fresh produce or pantry items to ready-to-eat foods like slices of pizza, pints of ice cream, or baked goods.

Chris MacAulay, the group's US managing director said: "Our team is proud to officially launch the Too Good To Go app in Los Angeles because today – more than ever – our app is the best solution to different real-world issues.

"In a reality where food prices are a huge challenge for people, Too Good To Go offers a meaningful and sustainable alternative to get delicious food at accessible prices all while slowing global warming through the reduction of food waste, which accounts for 10% of all GHG emissions globally."

Currently, around 40% of all food in the US ends up in landfills, creating a massive impact on the environment, so the introduction of apps like Too Good to Go is being welcomed in the area.

Food waste is valued at $1 trillion a year globally, with an economic impact in the US of more than $285 billion.

The app helps its partners contact more users, find a new showcase for their products, reduce their losses, optimise their resources, and play an important role in the food rescue ecosystem.

Buying a single Surprise Bag is equivalent to saving the carbon footprint from charging a cellphone 442 times.

Alfred Coffee, Lassen's Natural Foods & Vitamins, Tartine Bakery, Gelato Festival, and many more are among the first wave of Los Angeles establishments to join the app.

Raymond Martherus, director of marketing at Lassen's Natural Foods & Vitamins says: "All food establishments should consider partnering with Too Good To Go",

"Partnering with them has allowed us to save surplus food so it doesn't end up as waste, while simultaneously driving new customers to our stores."


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