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Adverttu x Firepot Case Study

Adverttu are turning heads into customers every day, with their on the road car advertising. Our partner, Adverttu launches campaigns with businesses looking to gain more exposure, increase website traffic and in turn, generate more conversions for your business - by creating a moving billboard, using eco-friendly cars that travel around the U.K. 

Last year to celebrate the achievements of our 12 Food & Drink Heroes winners, Adverttu provided each winner with an opportunity to scale up their business through their advertising campaigns.  

We caught up with one of our winners, John Fisher, Founder of Firepot, to discuss their campaign with Adverttu, and how it helped them on their business journey. 

Firepot was born out of John’s frustrations with the lack of healthy and tasty expedition food on the market he came across on his travels across the world. He was looking for food that had nutritional benefits, as well as tasted good - which led him to create Firepot. 

“As adventurists trekking through Greenland, we wanted our hikes to be punctuated by slow-cooked, natural food that tasted delicious. We wanted a healthy, hearty meal that didn’t weigh us down or keep us waiting. And we couldn’t find it anywhere.” 

We asked John how their collaboration with Adverttu helped them, and what some of the benefits of the campaign were. 

“Our product is very niche and pretty focused on those who live outside of cities so our expectations for the campaign were more around creating a good brand story than achieving sales.” he said, and the campaign seemed to pay off as he added “One of the cars we were on is a major player on TikTok and we saw a huge uplift in traffic to our site without warning. It meant new followers for us!” 

As well as his trekking adventures, and being the brains behind Firepot, John previously owned his own successful digital agency, which explains the creative branding and slogans used for Firepot. In regards to this, we were keen to hear how the design process went down between them and Adverttu, and how much input he had in the design process for the campaign. 

“We did the design ourselves”, he said, “But we also got good input on what works and what doesn’t on specific file formats from Adverttu’s in-house graphics team.” 

The campaign between Firepot and Adverttu has allowed Firepot to gain more exposure and expand their brand awareness to their target audience, helping them achieve a bigger following on social media, and get the word out to people they may not have been able to otherwise.  

“It was a great shock to win this as a prize and it was a pleasure to work with Adverttu.

Does this sound like something that could help your business grow? If so, why not check out Adverttu today. 

Check out the full campaign video here 


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